In a short-sighted measure, the publishers of Book of 5 Rings have filed a DMCA takedown notice with my hosting provider (Amazon EC2).

So, I no longer advise that you buy this edition of this book as I did previously. Please find one of the alternate translations and purchase it instead.

Full DMCA notice:


You have outstanding abuse reports against your EC2 instance(s) and we are notifying you that we have
investigated and observed abuse activity. Please take corrective measures as soon as possible and notify
us that you have done so. Your response is required and failure to respond within 48 hours may result
in the isolation of your instance(s).

Please contact us at at to notify us of your corrective actions, or if you believe
that these findings are in error.

Case Number: 17375728766
Instance ID: [redacted]

Reason: Copyright (Non-DMCA)

Specific Report Information:

Allison & Busby Ltd is the authorized representative of the exclusive rights holder for A Book of Five Rings,
translation by Victor Harris. ISBNs 9780749006587, 9780749011789. 

These exclusive rights are being violated by material available at the following URL: 

If you are unaware of the source of the reported abuse, your instance(s) were most likely compromised by an
external attacker. If you were compromised by an external attacker the best recourse is to back up your data,
migrate your applications to a new instance, and terminate the old one.

Please be aware: According to the terms of the Web Services License Agreement (,
if your instance(s) continue abusive behavior in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy (, 
your instances and account may be subject to termination.

Please remember that you are responsible for ensuring that your instances and all applications are properly
secured. For more information on security best practices please review the following resources:

Tips for Securing Your EC2 Instance:
Security Best Practices:
AWS Security Center:

Thank you,
The EC2 Abuse Team